prep: 10mins
serves: 1


  • scoops Bulla Real Dairy Chocolate 2L
  • chocolate sauce
  • milk
  • handful of pretzels

Creamy Classics Choc Hazelnut Spread & Salted Pretzel Thick Shake


  1. Drizzle the inside and dip the rim of the glass with your favourite chocolate sauce.
  2. Crush a few pretzels, then dip the choc coated rims into these to coat with crunchy and salty goodness.
  3. To make the shake, place three scoops of Bulla Real Dairy Chocolate 2L and a good splash of milk into a blender, pulse until combined and thick.
  4. Pour shake into the prepared glass and top with an extra scoop of ice cream.
  5. Garnish with a couple of pretzels and enjoy.