Bulla Light* Thickened Cream 300mL

With almost half the fat of standard thickened cream, Bulla Light* Thickened Cream provides the taste of cream without the excess fat. *49% less fat compared to Bulla Thickened Cream.

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When you want to get that great cream flavour, while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Best used as a pouring cream, it adds texture and flavour to soups, quiche, sauces and poured straight over puddings and hot crumbles!

quick facts:

milk fat: 17%

suitable for whipping? It will thicken, but not whip as it doesn't contain enough fat to produce a whip.

can I heat it? Can be brought to a gentle simmer, but can separate if boiled and cooled. 

can I freeze it? You cannot freeze the product for storage. However, food that contains Bulla Light* Thickened Cream can be frozen, thawed and re-heated.