Bulla Sour Cream 200mL

Rich and decadent, this award-winning 35% fat sour cream is made using practices refined over six generations of dairy-making. Ideal for use in both savoury and sweet dishes, the light tangy flavour of this sour cream makes it suitable to be used in everything from cakes to nachos and beyond.

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Milk Fat:



Can be heated gently.

Freezing (the product):

Cannot be frozen or thawed.


Bulla Premium Sour Cream is Australia’s Grand Champion Dairy Product across all categories for 2013. This is a more decadent Sour Cream with 35% milk fat and that distinct light tang within its creamy profile. It has a thicker consistency to the Light Sour Cream.


Perfect in cheesecakes and on baked potatoes as well as an ideal dip base. • Dollop on savoury dishes.