Bulla Cooking Cream 300mL

Bulla Cooking Cream has been specifically developed for cooking, it heats without curdling, resists splitting and rapidly thickens, making it a perfect addition to curries, casseroles and pasta sauces.


A light cream developed to withstand high temperatures without curdling or splitting, delivering rich, smooth, creamy textures for all cream based cooking. It can also be used as a pouring cream on desserts. Perfect for any dish that requires intense heating that can traditionally split or curdle creams. For example - savoury sauces, custard based desserts, creme brulee/creme caramel.

quick facts:

milk fat: 17%

suitable for whipping? No, does not whip.

can I heat it? Yes, specifically designed for heating and cooking.

can I freeze it? You cannot freeze the product for storage. However, food that contains Bulla Cooking Cream can be frozen, thawed and re-heated.